Modesto Neighborhoods and Landmarks
We service the entire city of Modesto. Starting from West Modesto, Bret Harte near Whitmore Ave. and S. Carpenter Rd. and all of Bystom, CA. From here head Northeast towards Modesto City Airport River Rd., Mitchell Rd. and Finch Rd. Yosemite Blvd. is close by also known as California State Route 132 heading north on Claus Rd. past Milnes Rd. all the way to Mary Grogan Community Park near Sylvan and Roselle Ave. From there we head West down Claratina Ave. past Oakdale Rd. and keep going past McHenry Ave. also known as California State Route 108. Crossing McHenry Ave. Claratina Ave. changes to Pelandale Ave., keep heading West on Pelandale Ave. and if you take a right on Tully Rd. you’ll run into Bangs Ave. and a little further north you will run into Kiernan Ave. also known as California State Route 219. You take that all the way out to Sisk Rd. and begin heading South, along California State Route 99. Here you will see Modesto Junior College. Shoemaker Ave. is close by, keep heading South to Blue Gum Ave. then Woodland Ave. keep going to Maze Blvd. also known as California State Route 132. A little further south we have Paradise Rd., Crows Landing Rd. and eventually we run back into Whitmore Ave., this is the city of Modesto.

The city of Modesto is full of landmarks; some are not present to day however they are listed here. McHenry Mansion located at 906 15th Street, McHenry Museum located at 1402 I Street, Modesto Arch on 9th and I street, Modesto Ash Tree Sierra and 3rd street, Pump Station No. 9 10th and Needham, Woolworth Company Sign 1014 10th street, Fire Station No. 2 629 2nd street, Cressey manor 915 17th street, Turner Hitching Post 1104 14th street, Modesto Herald Building 126 10th street, Hawke Castle 115 Magnolia Ave., McClure County Place 1500 N. McClure Rd., U.S. Post Office and Federal Building 1125 I street, Seventh Street Bridge Tuolumne River, Fire Bell 417 Chicago Ave. Enslen Park Stoddard Ave. and Enslen Ave., Graceda Park Sycamore Ave. and Needham Ave., Rammed Earth House also known as The Bradley Home 1027 Enslen Ave., Southern Pacific Railroad Depot 9th street and J street, Ralph Brown Residence 309 Magnolia Ave., Gallo Founders Building 401 11th street, The State Theatre 1307 J street, Graham Residence 206 Roselawn Ave., Masonic Temple 1500 J street, Stockton Savings Bank 1101 J street, H street façade of Modesto high School 18 H street, Wissner Medical Office Building 901 McHenry Ave., Elks Lodge 1222 First street, First Church of Christ Scientist 1328 H street, Acacia Memorial Park 801 Scenic Dr., Modesto Pioneer Cemetery 905 Scenic Dr., Modesto Cemetery 1001 Scenic Dr., St. Stanislaus Catholic Cemetery 1014 Scenic Dr., Stanislaus County Cemetery also known as Potters Field 1001 Scenic Dr., Dr. Donald Robertson Home 211 Elmwood Ct., Modesto City Christmas Tree 19th and H street and La Loma, Stanley Home 225 Stoddard Ave., John M. Walthhall Home 118 Sycamore Ave., Pacific Telephone Building 1012 11th street, Gundlach home 410 Elmwood Ave., Lish Residence 125 Poplar Ave., Guzman Residence 215 Stoddard Ave., Ayres Residence 319 Elmwood Ave., M.D. Harris Home 230 Sycamore Ave., Wheat Barge Tree also known as Valley Oak Tuolumne Regional Park, Bunya Bunya Tree Graceda Park, Balmannos Residence 207 Elmwood Ct., Casa De Cadrett also known as John and Mary Ann Cadrett Residence 201 Hintze Ave., Montrie and Robinson Residence 1001 Magnolia Ave., Earl Anderson Residence 501 Magnolia, Scully Residence 124 Sycamore Ave., Municipal Golf Course 400 Tuolumne Blvd., Foy Apartments 1418 – 1430 I street, Great valley Center was also called Centenary Methodist Church 201 Needham street, Johnson House 503 Morris Ave., Robertson house 215 Elmwood Ct., Lundgren House 218 Elmwood Ct., William J. Silva House 216 W. Morris Ave. and last our out list is Dr. John Kennedy (also known as Doc) ransom house 305 Magnolia Ave.