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Work So Good I State My Name On It.

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Our Promise to You

Bringing Your Design Ideas To Life

Every great construction project starts with exciting possibilities. To bring your vision to life, it takes a construction company that can match your inspiration and see the bigger picture right down to the smallest detail. That general contractor will also have the best craftsmen with the perfect suppliers and the ideal technology to bring it all together.

At Richmond Repairs Inc., we go above and beyond on every project because we share your passion for excellence and we state our name on it. It's our privilege to create amazing new spaces in your home or business. We promise to always exceed your expectations no matter what it takes.  
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Some Of Our Most Popular Services


Transform your home or new addition into a dream property, home renovation specialist.


From concept to completion we bring your vision to life, bathroom renovation specialist.


Kitchen ideas and designs that take your breadth away, kitchen renovation specialist.


Your designs or ours, comfort, value, cost controlled improvement for every budget.


Remodeling can be a room or entire building. What are the requirements?

Local Handyman Services

Simply put..."Work So Good I State My Name On It" Richmond Repairs, house remodeling.

A remodeling company to complete your residential or commercial remodeling project.

 Richmond Repairs Inc., (209) 918-3670

Designing Your Perfect Indoor Space

What sets Richmond Repairs Inc., apart from other general contractors? Richmond Repairs Inc., is your construction company in Modesto, CA. for your New Construction, Renovation, Addition, Remodeling or Handyman project. No job is too small or too large, reasonable rates and quality work! Richmond Repairs Inc., completes your home or business project on time and on contractor contractor budget. contractor contractor

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Another benefit working with Richmond Repairs Inc., is personal service. Your possibilities open up working with an interior designer choosing material types, colors, & finishes. Knowing these things up front ensures that you’ll get the most for your budget.


​How Do I Hire The Best?

A lot of contractors say all the right things, but delivering quality work is an entirely different story. Keep in mind that we all start our projects a little differently, however we all want to achieve the same goal. Begin by talk with family and friends, get a detailed plan of your project. Do phone interviews to find a contractor who will take on a project of your size, small or large. Ask for references from current and past jobs, get referrals from vendors. Check to see if the contractor or construction company is properly licensed. Based on your factors and homework move onto personal interviews, get bids, check out your contractor's work, make sure they are properly insured, set a budget and payment schedule, put it in writing and no detail is to small.
Don't make a decision solely on price, ask your contractor for ideas. 

Construction and Remodeling Myth

The lowest price is not always the best price. There’s a lot to know about Modesto City building codes and you definitely don’t want to learn the hard way. That’s why you should never focus solely on price for any home or business construction, remodel, renovation project. Instead, focus on overall craftsmanship and value.

Extensive Industry Connections

Richmond Repairs Inc., in Modesto, CA is an expert home renovation construction company. We can handle every aspect of your project, from design to city permits to working with your insurance company, all while finding you the ideal materials at a fair price. Richmond repairs wants your one or two man projects, like a small bathtub or shower remodel, plumbing, fencing, deck, concrete or electrical work. For larger jobs like framing, drywall, room additions and new construction. 

Richmond Repairs Inc., has the team of highly skilled craftsman to complete your project.
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Who We Are

Your Home Improvement Pro In Modesto, CA.

It’s no secret that home improvement construction takes a ton of work. From planning stages to getting the right team to finding the perfect materials, there’s a big margin for error.
When you can go local when hiring a construction company or general contractor for your home improvement project. People skills, communication, technology, project management, experience, reputation, integrity and flexibility are all important.

With 20+ years of home improvement experience we can say with confidence that we have the smoothest, most reliable construction team in the industry. We’re here to guide you every step of the way to save you time, money and headache. You’ll love our process as much as our final results. Call Richmond Repairs Inc., a Modesto City based business to learn how we can help, (209) 918-3670.


The Ideal Build Team

Our remodeling contractors have 50+ years combined experience in home and business renovations.


The Ideal Materials

We source from trusted local vendors with connections all over the world.


The Ideal Technology

Seeing is believing- we bring your projects to life at the very start of each project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to hire an interior decorator?

Not with us- we already have a top designer as part of our team. Just give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Bathroom Cost?

Average bathroom remodels are $9,000 - 12,000. A low end would cost around $5,000 to a high of $25,000, depending on square footage.


How do I get my home improvement/construction project started?

It all starts with a free phone consultation. We'll help you get your ideas into a plan of action.


Do I need to obtain permits from my city or HOA?

We will file for all the necessary permits for your home renovation so you don’t have to deal with the city. 


Home Improvement Cost?

The cost of home improvement varies by project. Increase your home value and create comfort.


How can I prepare for my home improvement project?

We will communicate with you on your individual project and guide you on what to do. You'll want to start by removing personal items.


How will you ensure my project stays on budget?

We handle everything in-house and work with highly trusted suppliers to ensure your budget is met. 

Kitchen Cost?

Average Kitchen remodels are $24,000 most homes are between $12,500 and $35,000 or between $150.00 - $250.00 per square foot.

Once I sign the agreement, how long until you start?

We start the process within a day or two after the agreement is finalized. We begin with the design, order materials and obtain permits.


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